I’ve often felt that I needed to use my talents and my brain for projects outside of my role as Mom. I don’t need a lot of mental energy to teach the alphabet, change diapers, and fold laundry. For a few years I led a book club to stimulate some intelligent conversation with other adults. My brain relished the perceptive and creative dialogue.

Anytime I found out a friend was going to stay home with their baby I always advised them to find a project that requires their brain and talents. It could be quilt making or a Bible study. All that mattered was that they doing something interesting, because the monotony of staying home can be outright boring and lonely.


I used to believe that women who only took care of their family and home weren’t doing enough with their talents. Now I know I was completely wrong.

I heard someone imply the other day that if you aren’t using your God given gifts outside your home, then you aren’t doing enough with your talents. I felt like we were playing a game of Bull from How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. I wanted to call bull.


This spring I’ve come to really love my job of homeschooling my kids, cooking delicious food, and making sure the house is running smoothly. I use my gift of discernment to choose curriculum and guide my children’s education. My degree is in Human Resources Management, not Education. I need every bit of God’s direction for my kids’ school work.

I have had the privilege of watching my husband, Daniel, launch a new online store and attract large clients to grow his e-commerce development business. Being a solopreneur and running your own business is not easy and sometimes a lonely process. Daniel will ask me for my discernment on his clients and projects. I don’t know all the mechanics of writing code in PHP, but I can tell if something is a good fit and how to use time and money wisely.

I definitely feel like I’m using the talents God has given me to care for my kids and my husband.

On incourage.me this week Crystal Stine wrote a post about Nehemiah needing builders and guards to rebuild the temple. She suggests that we can be a builder or a guard at different times in our lives.

Crystal asks, “Are you a guard, protecting the workers, supporting, praying, standing firm against opposition and serving quietly? Or are you getting your hands dirty in the hard work of creating for God’s kingdom?”

Her question outlines my present job perfectly. I am in a season of being a guard. I support my family through prayer and quietly serving our daily needs. This isn’t done on a grand stage for all to see, but it is still a valuable role. Daniel wouldn’t be able to build without me standing guard.

Lindsey Nobles is a builder, but she isn’t on a grand stage. She is the person pulling all the levers and pushing all the buttons behind IF:Gathering. Earlier this year she wrote about finding value in her role even though she isn’t a singer or a preacher.

Whether we are a builder or a guard all that matters is that we are using the gifts and talents God gave us.

It’s pretty easy to be selfish and live only for ourselves, but it takes courage and humility to serve others with our gifts.

The very best part about using our talents or not using them is that God loves us the same no matter what. We don’t need to measure His love for us by what we do. God loves me just the same as Beth Moore, Christine Caine or Holley Gerth.

We can rest in God’s love for us and use our gifts right where we are. Even if where we are is home with our family.