Summer is officially over, because American Ninja Warrior (Season 7) and So You Think You Can Dance (Season 12) ended tonight.

American Ninja Warrior


This was our first year watching American Ninja Warrior. We were hooked from the first episode of the season. The show is completely family friendly. We all enjoy the backstories and cheering on our favorite contestants.

My daughter thinks becoming a Stunt Woman is a realistic goal, because of Jessie Graff. She cried when Kacy Catanzaro fell. We will miss being inspired by all the athletes to climb the rock wall and get in shape.

The finale tonight was fantastic. I’m glad Daniel and I stayed up to finish the show after we put the kids to bed halfway through the show.

So You Think You Can Dance


I’ve been watching So You Think You Can Dance for 9 years. I used to love this show, but this season seemed to loose it’s sparkle for me. Perhaps it’s because it comes on the same time as American Ninja Warrior and I prefer my new show. The dancers were great and the choreographers gave us the dances old viewers expect. Costuming seemed to be having a better season.

One of the best things about SYTYCD is how they keep trying different formats. We would have never seen contestants paired with All Stars if they didn’t try new ideas. However, I didn’t love the stage versus street concept. When the finale results came in as the top Street dancer versus the top Stage dancer I was wondering out of the top 4 who was really second, third, and fourth.

It’s great how Paula Abdul can continue her career on television, but I never felt her judging on SYTYCD was valuable. Mary Murphy wasn’t always articulate either, but Mary knows the technical ballroom lingo and could give good advice. I sort of miss Mary. Jason Derulo was okay, but I never felt he could give a harsh criticism. Maybe I’m wrong in my assessment of the judges, because I fast-fowarded them most of the time anyway.

I did really like the final four dancers and would’ve been happy with any of them winning. I’ll keep watching if there is a season 13. The host Cat Deeley is due to have a baby next Spring. Perhaps Twitch can jump in and be the new host?

Did you watch American Ninja Warrior? What did you think of the Finale? 

Who would you pick as the host for season 13 of So You Think You Can Dance?