Tonight I wrote over 900 words on a topic I’m really excited to share on my blog. When I went back over my post I realized it was a nice first draft and not ready to be published. I need some daytime hours to polish my post.

I still want to keep up with my daily blog posts. (This is blog number 41!) Rather than publish a rough draft I’ve decided to go with plan B, pumpkin. I love pumpkin flavored stuff. Pumpkin is popular and an overkill in most items, but classics like coffee and bread never go out of style.

Tonight I baked two loaves of Logan Wolfram’s Perfect Pumpkin Bread with pecans and dates. This may be the best pumpkin bread I’ve ever made.

Usually I google “easy pumpkin bread” and bake whatever recipe I find. Logan’s recipe is worth the effort! Even the dates are delicious.

My poorly lit photo does not do this bread justice!



Do you have a favorite pumpkin baked good recipe?