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25 Reasons Why I Love My Kindle

A friend offered to let me borrow his copy of The Count of Monte Cristo and I declined. You see there are two kind of people in this world – those who read on a Kindle and those who don’t.


courtesy of Two Kinds of People Tumblr

I absolutely love my Kindle Paperwhite. I carry it around with me like a security blanket. I will read a regular paper book, but only if it’s a short book or a book where I want to write in the margins. Otherwise, I’ll do my best to obtain a Kindle copy of a book.


Here are 25 Reasons Why I Love My Kindle

1. It lights up in the dark with an adjustable light setting.

2. I can keep hundreds of books in the cloud or on my device without cluttering my house.

3. It doesn’t hurt my hand and wrist to hold it.

4. I can turn a page with my pointy nose.

5. Increase text size.


6. Whispersync with the audiobook.

7. It is lightweight and fits in my purse.

8. It doesn’t have a camera.

9. It only holds books. No apps and no games.

10. There is no reflection when reading outside.

11. I only need to charge it every 2-3 weeks.

12. I read faster with a Kindle.

13. I can buy a book instantly without needing to get dressed and load up the children in a car to go get a book.

14. My kids can’t pull out the bookmark.


15. Highlighting a word to get the definition instantly.

16. In some books like A Game of Thrones you can highlight a character’s name and it tells me about the character without spoilers. Helpful for books with a lot of characters.

17. I can highlight sentences and it will keep a copy in the “My Clippings” or Notes section.

18. It tells me how much time is left in a chapter or the entire book.

19. If I forget my Kindle Paperwhite at home I can open the Kindle app on my phone and instantly pick up where I left off last time I read.

20. Kindle books can be reasonably priced to purchase. (See my post: 5 Places to Find Great Kindle Deals)


21. I can get free Kindle books from my local library no matter where I am in the world.

22. The gritty feel of an e-ink book with only a black & white screen makes it feel like a real book.

23. No ads, because I purchased the ad-free (without special offers) version.

24. It can show the page number of the book or the percentage to show my progress.

25. If I reading something embarrassing, then no one will see the cover when I read in public.

I ended up buying the Penguin Classics Robin Buss’ translation of The Count of Monte Cristo on Kindle for $3.75. It’s worth spending a few bucks to be able to read in the dark and save my arm from being sore.

Have you thought about getting a Kindle? What do you love most about your Kindle?

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My Worst Crisis of Faith

We were working hard, but Daniel’s business wasn’t making enough money. We had a pile of medical bills, a gorilla sized student loan, and threatening foreclosure letters. A mortgage company employee secretly took photos of our beige bricked home to ensure we hadn’t abandoned the property. We were stretching our money to keep three kids under the age of six clothed and fed.


I wondered if God was going to provide a way out of our mess. If nothing changed then we would be foreclosed upon and be homeless. I felt trapped, because we couldn’t afford to sell the house or pay the mortgage. I couldn’t tell people what was going on, because I was ashamed of our failures. We lived in our own private suffering.

If God is real, then why wasn’t He providing a way of escape? The Bible says in Matthew 6 and in many other verses God will provide and He cares about me. I realized I had a choice to make. I had to choose if I believed the Bible was true, because if I didn’t believe the Bible then I couldn’t be a Christian. My twenty years as a Christian would’ve been pointless. I chose to have faith even though I couldn’t see how God would answer.


My faith in a loving God who cares for me was shaken. I was spiritually weak and didn’t have a lot of strength to fight the depressing thoughts of feeling trapped and alone. I was tired of praying and listing out my prayer requests. All I could do was repeat over and over “God is good and He is faithful.” I would mumble it under my breath when I was alone. Each day I’d repeat it again, “God is good and He is faithful.” This phrase became my walking cane as I stepped slowly back to spiritual health.

We began looking for a way out of our financial trap. We sold anything of value, Daniel started working two jobs, and we watched our spending like a hawk. We focused on paying off the debt. Volunteer ministry work at church was put aside. We had to quit commitments to free up time to work on our debt. By God’s grace eight months later we paid off $68,000 of debt. Then the money we used to put towards debt went towards fixing the house to sell it. We eventually sold the house and moved on to a new life.


God is good and He is faithful.

Perhaps you are in a place where you aren’t sure God cares or you are wondering why God isn’t answering your prayers. Remember His promises in the Bible. Ask God to show you a promise or a verse you can cling to on the hard days. It doesn’t have to be a complicated verse or word. Even if your only prayer is simply stating His characteristics He will hear you. Believe. Have faith. Because God is good and He is faithful.

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Kindness & Grace For When You Aren’t Well

I just cheated. I whipped up two posts and backdated them to fill in my missed posts from the weekend.

I’m supposed to be a daily blogger and writing every day in October for the Write 31 Days link up. In addition to missing the weekend I also didn’t publish two posts last week. I had intended to write 10 posts on marriage and wrote 8 instead. A large part of my blogging is practicing writing in public. I practiced writing a series and found I only 8 posts to say on the topic.


Last week I didn’t feel well for a few days. I didn’t have my normal energy level. At first I was mad at myself for feeling unwell and not being able to muscle through my illness.

Then I remembered the book BREATHING ROOM. Tankersley explicitly says to be kind to yourself when you aren’t well. She reminds you to treat yourself as you would a sick friend. I’d tell a friend to drop everything but the necessities of family life and get better at all costs. So I took my own advice and dropped everything including blogging and focused on getting rest.


I rested, had a fun weekend with my family, and got to spend some alone time at a coffeeshop. I’m feeling much better.

Being kind to myself when I don’t feel well is one of my lessons in forging a new heart. I want a heart who is kind and caring when I’m sick. I don’t want a heart who will bully me or berate me for things left undone. I used to have a tough, ungracious heart. Now I’m learning to be more kind and gracious to myself.

Do you ever beat yourself up when you are sick? How do you treat yourself when you aren’t feeling well?

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