Wahoo! I’ve published a blog post every day for 50 days in a row. I really want to hit 356 days, but this daily blogging gig is not easy. Sometimes I have topic ideas, but no time to write them. Sometimes I have time, but no inspiring ideas.

This weekend at ReFresh I realized my well is empty. I need to fill my spiritual well and write out of an overflow. I’ve mentioned before I struggle with finding time to be in scripture. Scripture needs to be a priority even it’s only 5 minutes a day.


Once I get my well filled I want to work on my craft. I absolutely love writing. I’ve checked out The Elements of Style and Writing Down the Bones from the library. I’ve read pieces of those books and I know they will help. I may also finish reading Bird by Bird.

I’m still figuring out why I want to blog every day. This all started as an experiment to see if writing every day is possible. Writing fills my soul. I’m grateful to practice in front of a small audience full of grace.

I hope I can turn my normal life experiences into helpful and encouraging blog posts. I want to document my life, because it’s fun for me to look back and remember what I was thinking when I made a decision.


I also want to notice small moments and magnify them with words. Good writers have eyes to see life where most people wouldn’t notice. I want to observe the gifts, hurts, beauty, grace, pain, and joy of every day life. I’m not there yet, but writing forces me to see life through a magnifying glass.

I’m proud of my 50 blog posts. I know not every post is a gem, but I’m practicing to see what works for myself and readers. I won’t get better unless I practice writing. Then practice some more.

Sean Wes explains deliberate practice as, “Repetitious and purposeful practice of specific techniques is what is going to train your muscles and train your mind.” 

I’m going to keep deliberately practicing writing blog posts. Thank you for reading and encouraging me in my art. I appreciate y’all so much! Here’s to the next 50 posts!