I just cheated. I whipped up two posts and backdated them to fill in my missed posts from the weekend.

I’m supposed to be a daily blogger and writing every day in October for the Write 31 Days link up. In addition to missing the weekend I also didn’t publish two posts last week. I had intended to write 10 posts on marriage and wrote 8 instead. A large part of my blogging is practicing writing in public. I practiced writing a series and found I only 8 posts to say on the topic.


Last week I didn’t feel well for a few days. I didn’t have my normal energy level. At first I was mad at myself for feeling unwell and not being able to muscle through my illness.

Then I remembered the book BREATHING ROOM. Tankersley explicitly says to be kind to yourself when you aren’t well. She reminds you to treat yourself as you would a sick friend. I’d tell a friend to drop everything but the necessities of family life and get better at all costs. So I took my own advice and dropped everything including blogging and focused on getting rest.


I rested, had a fun weekend with my family, and got to spend some alone time at a coffeeshop. I’m feeling much better.

Being kind to myself when I don’t feel well is one of my lessons in forging a new heart. I want a heart who is kind and caring when I’m sick. I don’t want a heart who will bully me or berate me for things left undone. I used to have a tough, ungracious heart. Now I’m learning to be more kind and gracious to myself.

Do you ever beat yourself up when you are sick? How do you treat yourself when you aren’t feeling well?