One of the best things about homeschool is being able to tailor my children’s education to their learning styles. However, one of the worst things about homeschool is sifting through all the curriculum options. I don’t buy a school year in a box, so I get to research curriculum choices and purchase each subject individually.

One of the ways I find curriculum is by talking to other homeschool moms and reading their curriculum blog posts. Below is a list of the curriculums I have chosen for this year. I have no idea if what I am doing is enough or too little. Figuring out which subjects to teach at each grade level is part of my research.


Grade Levels

This school year I joked how I’m glad the children’s ministry tells me which grade my kids are supposed to be in when they go to Children’s Church. My oldest, Annabelle, is in 3rd grade, but does 2nd and 3rd grade work. My middle kid, Roman, is supposed to be in 1st grade, but does 2nd grade work. My youngest, Zander, is still in Pre-K, but he’s just about done with his Pre-K curriculum.

Our Curriculum

My oldest and middle kids do a lot subjects together, so I have listed my curriculum by subject rather than grade level.


Handwriting Without Tears – Kindergarten
Handwriting Without Tears – Second Grade
New American Cursive, Book 1 – for oldest and middle kid


Math-U-See, Beta (Level 2) – finishing up in December
Math-U-See, Gamma (Level 3) – will begin in January


Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons – for when my youngest starts Kindergarten
All About Reading, Level 3 – I can’t say enough good things about this curriculum. Excited to work through this will my oldest.
Books – My middle kid reads really well, so we’ll continue to read books like The Magic Treehouse series.
Poems – I really like finding poem books at the library and the oldest take turns reading them.


First Language Lessons, Level 2 – will finish in January 2016
First Language Lessons, Level 3 – will start in January 2016


Spell By Color – I’m currently using this one, because it’s free.
All About Spelling, Level 2 – I will use this one with both kids whenever I purchase the curriculum.

History and Geography

Story of the World, Ancient Times. – We’ve been working through this one for a few years, but we will finish this year.


We basically unschool Science. We use BrainPop videos, Khan Academy, Magic School Bus shows, and library books. Whenever I feel like it we’ll do a Science experiment. I feel like I have one more year, before I need to do formal Science curriculum.


Southwest School of Art Saturday Morning Discovery – this is a free program in San Antonio every Saturday for one month. My older kids will be attending every Saturday morning in October.

Art For Kids Hub, YouTube channel – there are videos for all ages. Even my 4 year old can now draw a decent crab and dinosaur. Love this channel.

Study an Artist – We will be studying Michelangelo in the fall and then Leonardo da Vinci in the spring. I’m using the Charlotte Mason/Classical style to teach my kids about the artist.


I’m still researching Spanish options, but right now I like Spanish for Kids by Kids videos and workbooks.


I’m still researching Bible study options. Last year we did AWANA, but we are not doing it again this year. I want to talk with my Children’s Ministry leader to figure out how I can do the church’s curriculum at home. I’d love to teach a verse or a topic during the week and then have it reinforced on Sunday morning.


Think A Minutes, Level A Book 1 – I love the idea of training my kids’ brains to think through problems in unique ways.

The Cost of my Homeschool Year

I already own many of these subjects, but there are still a few more I need to purchase. For eleven subjects and three kids I will spend about $450 total for the school year. Everyone’s homeschool costs are different, but I think $450 is a great deal. A school year in a box from Sonlight is $900, so I think I am doing okay.


Organizing Homeschool

This weekend I did not do a comprehensive clean out out of my school supplies and books, but I did tidy up my closet. I store our homeschool in my bedroom closet and only bring it out when we do school. We school at the dining table after breakfast and clean up before lunch. My current system works, except I don’t have a place to put their completed work. I’ve decided to only keep a week’s worth of work at a time.

It really doesn’t take much homeschool. I love our flexibility and will will continue to only do formal school work four days a week. I love my three day weekends!

Have you used any of this curriculum? Do you have any suggestions for Spanish or Bible?