I’m a huge fan of public internet accountability. When Daniel and I paid off our debt we did a monthly video update sharing our shrinking total debt number on The process of paying off debt in front of everyone was intimidating, but motivating.

Here I am doing another scary internet accountability post. I am encouraged by my friend Lisa Pennington. I’ve also been really inspired by her weight loss and her health journey. Lisa has lost over 80 pounds, but the best part is she is healthier person.

On Black Friday I only bought one thing – a gym membership. We are choosing to spend some money on a gym so Daniel and I can work out together. The gym we joined has the best childcare in town and my kids love going to play.

Setting My Weight Goal

Part of our membership includes a free health assessment. I was concerned about my diabetes test, but it turned out to be fine. I did 30 girl push ups in one minute and the young assessment lady said, “30 push ups is pretty good for a woman your age.” Um, thank you?

Whenever I’ve attempted to lose weight my goal has always been to get to 135 pounds, but I wasn’t sure if that was a good healthy number for me. The health assessment agreed that my weight should be 135 pounds.

This past Summer on one of those beastly, clanking old scales at the doctor’s office I was 150 pounds. That number freaked me out and I read Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution, because that is what Lisa Pennington is using to lose weight. I used the diet to get down to 138 pounds in October, but then I celebrated by eating whatever I wanted at Allume and then again on our three week trip in New York City. I carried home my food souvenirs and now my pants don’t fit.

I love to do big things for my birthday. Five years ago I ran 26.2 miles for my 30th birthday. In a few weeks I’ll be 35 years old. So I decided I want to be 135 pounds before I’m 35. I’ve made it my mantra, “135 before 35.”

As of this morning I am 142.6 pounds. Therefore I have 7 weeks to lose 7.6 pounds. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but don’t they say it’s always the last few pounds that are the most difficult to lose? I’d like to fit in some of my jeans again.

Losing 7.6 pounds can be easily done if Christmas doesn’t derail my plan too much. Just last night I had a Christmas dinner at one of my most favorite restaurants in San Antonio, Cured. A few bites not on my diet won’t hurt me too much as long as I am still eating plenty of green stuff and working out.

Hopefully checking in here will keep me on track. Thanks for keeping me accountable!

Are you trying to lose weight this holiday season? How do you stay healthy during the holidays?