Hooray! Our green suburban is all fixed up with new tires, better steering, and a working window. We pretended to be urban and walked to places when we didn’t have our car. Daniel walked 2 miles to coffee meetup this morning. I walked with the kids to the grocery store. Then I looked up rent prices in Park Slope, Brooklyn and decided to be content with my cheap San Antonio rent.

The internet was full of good posts this week:
  • POETRY & WORDS :: Can I tell you a secret about community? “Everywhere I turn, the internet is awash with experts converging into a single wooded area or brightly-lit urban spot on the map, reciting advice, organizing workshops, writing blog posts, handing out business cards and reminding everyone of the importance of taking part in community. In other words, #community is trending. And sometimes, this can feel lonely.”
  • The Best Reason to Simplify. “We had just spent three months living in a one-bedroom apartment with a suitcase full of clothes and little else. Suddenly I was back, responsible for a house full of stuff. Stuff to clean. Stuff to organize. Stuff I didn’t care about as much as I thought I did.”
  • How to “Be There” When You Can’t Actually “Be There” – “Through trial and error, and keeping my ear to the ground, I’ve found that there is still stuff I can do, even from afar. Some costs me time, and some cost me money, but all tell my people that I care, even though I can’t be there.”

Have a great weekend y’all!