I didn’t want to spend a lot of time writing tonight. I’m ready to relax. My workout killed me and I was up late finishing my 1200 word post on my love of YouTube.

I decided to join the Five Minute Friday Party link up, because it’s a fast writing prompt. Each week they announce a theme on Twitter and we have five minutes to write about that theme. Then we link up over at Kate Motaung’s site. I was super pumped until they announced the word – ALONE. What a sad word!


I think of Greg Kinnear playing Frank in You’ve Got Mail when he’s awkwardly trying to encourage Kathleen Kelly played by Meg Ryan. Frank types on his electronic keyboard, “You are a lone reed standing tall, waving boldly in the corrupt sands of commerce.” Kathleen takes it in good stride, but you can see it doesn’t really help.

Kathleen doesn’t want to feel alone as she fights the big, bad Fox Books. Like Kathleen, none of us want to feel alone.

How we fix our loneliness is different for everyone. Here’s the rub. If you don’t want to be alone you have to do something about it. No one else is going to fix it.


On a heart level you have to open your Bible and pray. God is always with you, but unless you look up and acknowledge Him then you’ll have a hard time feeling His presence.

On a local level you have to text and email people. It’s risky asking someone to hang out. It’s not easy to find people whose schedules align with yours. Once you book a playdate or a coffee date and it happens, then all that work was worth the communications.

On an online level you have to be real and engage. I love Twitter. I feel connected to the outside world when I jump into the stream of tweets. I’ve been there a long time and I’m never sure what exactly to tweet or if I’m interesting. Here’s the thing – Twitter is the party everyone is invited to. I can talk to anyone. They may or may not reply, but you never know. I met Bernadette on Twitter. We’ve met up in real life and I absolutely love and admire her. I met Victoria Wilson through Twitter. She is amazing mom who loves Jesus. She is so cool.

So now I’m going back to Twitter to jump into the #FMFparty hashtag and chat with other women who have a heart to write online. They help me not feel alone in this weird writing world.