We took this photo in Brooklyn. I love street art!

I’m linking up with Five Minute Friday at Kate Motaung’s site for another five minute writing prompt. We have five minutes to write on a one word prompt.

Today’s prompt: YES


The word “yes” makes me think of when my husband and I are making a decision on whether or not we should do something. Basically we ask each other, “Is this a HECK YEAH?” Would we be saying yes only because we are capable of doing the project or does it really bring us excitement? If the task or thing gets us super excited then it’s a “Heck Yeah!”

Conversely, when something sounds more like an obligation or something that doesn’t sound fun then we say “No, thank you.” We have enough “Heck Yeahs!” to fill our time.

This may seem totally selfish, but it isn’t. I’ve said yes to leading things when my heart wasn’t in the project. Everyone loses when my heart isn’t in the project. I usually do a crappy job and I don’t give my best.

“Heck Yeahs” for me are hanging with friends, traveling, spending time with my kids, looking for adventure, and eating good food.

Life is a whole lot more fun when I limit my yes to a “Heck Yeah!”


I didn’t get very far with this prompt!

What are your HECK YEAHS?