I’m linking up with the Five Minute Friday community today. Each Friday we free write for five minutes on a surprise topic announced by Kate Motaung.

This week’s prompt is SAME.


I have some fast bluegrass music playing and I’m ready to write.


Same. I’m always on the lookout for people the same as me. I’m looking for other people who love Jesus, technology, and travel. Those three are difficult to find in one person. I have online friends I have never met in person, but I love them. I am so grateful for people like Katie Richards, Kay Hesketh, Cate DeRosia, and Melissa Sainton. They get what it’s like to live the crazy entrepreneurial dream.

I am also always looking for homeschool moms. They get what it’s like to be with your children 24/7. Today I went to a homeschool group where I found grace and encouragement from the other moms. I’ve only been there twice and I feel safe to be weird.

Finding the same people doesn’t always have to happen. I really like the people in my life group. We aren’t all the same, but I appreciate learning from people different than me. We all bring our unique gifts to the table.

I feel like a weirdo most of the time, because our independent lifestyle. I am always grateful for anyone who accepts me just as I am.




*sunflower photos by ElijahHail