So I’m participating in my first Five Minute Friday from Kate Motaung. The prompt is NOTICE.



We walk along the busy New York City street holding gloved hands. I take care of my three year old son while my husband watches our daughter and son. My son loses his blue bear paw mitten and we stop to pick it up. A few steps later my other son is balancing on church steps as we pass a large steepled church. We are rushing to our subway stop at 77th Street to begin our adventures.

We visit the Big Apple, because we didn’t want to wait until our small kids were older. We go adventuring and notice the details. We fill up on the details to take home with us and carry around in our pockets for when we want to visit NYC from our home in Texas. We notice the curls around window sills, the faces of the ladies pulling grocery carts, the food filled windows, and the smell of the hot dog carts. Sometimes we snap picture of what we notice, but mostly we fill up on all the small things to bring home a big picture of the city.

What was the last city you noticed?