Have you ever read a book that you’ve been embarrassed to mark “currently reading” in Goodreads? My strategy is to leave a classic or an impressive book as “currently reading” while I read my fluffy book. Then I discreetly add it to my “read” shelf when I’m finished. Then I hope no one notices the lame book cover or judges me for reading the book.

It’s like the Kindle Flare option to loudly announce what book you are reading. Except I don’t want these books loudly announced to the world.

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While I love impressive books like Dune and Age of Innocence I also love fluffy fun books as buffers in between heavy books.

Here Are 5 Book Series I’m Embarrassed to Admit I’ve Read




The Shopaholic series was my introduction to modern chick lit. I couldn’t put them down and I read them late into the night. Becky the main character is ridiculous, but somehow you keep cheering her on.




Look at these horrible covers! These are sweet, fun books about girls in a secretive high school training them to be spies for the CIA and other branches of government. I’ve only read the first two and I’m saving the rest for I need them like my chocolate stash.




I finished The Heir last night. The first three books are kind of like The Bachelor in a thin dystopian plot. The Heir is like The Bachelorette. I’ve never watched those shows, but these books are fun if you don’t take them seriously.



Under The Never Sky Series

I’m too embarrassed to explain the plot. In the books there are villages of people who gain heightened senses like hearing and sight, because of electrical storms. There are also villages of people who live under domes. The two eventually interact through a teenage love story. Obviously. I had to finish all three to see how they all concluded.




Uglies was a big hit in 2013. The second and third books in the trilogy fizzled out and the series didn’t end well. However, I still remember the first book pretty well and would recommend it to anyone who isn’t tired of dystopian novels. In the book when someone turns 16 they have surgery to turn them from an Ugly to a Pretty. It’s brings up lots of good questions about beauty and the technologically advanced city is interesting.


Honorable Mention: DIVERGENT SERIES

I really liked the Divergent series when it first came out. The movies ruined the series for me. The acting and cinematography could have been so much better. Also, the further I get away from this series I realize how the plot is thin and doesn’t make a lot sense. For the record I’m totally a Candor wanting to be a Dauntless.

You should check out Divergent’s Cinema Sins video (Everything Wrong With Divergent in 16 minutes or Less.) It’s hilarious.

(If you can’t see the video, then please click here.)

What book series are embarrassed to admit reading? I’d love to hear, because I’m looking for more recommendations. 😉