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Apple TV is Amazing

We watched some of the Apple Event today and the item I am most excited about is the new Apple TV. We use our Apple TV every day. We do have cable and use it often for football games and brand new episodes of Mutt & Stuff on Nick Jr. We are not cord-cutters. We […]

25 YouTube Channels To Watch

“Just a little YouTube then we’ll go to bed.” We say this almost every night. Daniel and I definitely watch YouTube way more than Netflix. The YouTube app on Apple TV has room to improve, but it’s really easy to catch up on our favorite channels. The YouTube app on our Samsung Smart TV is clunky […]

Screen Time is Not Evil

Today I read a post highlighting ways to entertain children without a screen while traveling. I get it. Parents want to find activities to engage their children. Travel is a tricky place to discuss the value of screen time. My philosophy is whatever keeps you sane while traveling is great. I don’t need any added […]

Our Current Top 6 Family Movies

My husband is at the movies watching Jurassic World with our daughter and extended family. Earlier this summer we watched Jurassic Park with the kids. During the kitchen scene we cracked jokes and made it less intense for them. Before we watched Jurassic Park we showed them the trailer and asked if they still wanted […]

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