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Date Night :: The Martian

Pumped to go see THE MARTIAN tonight. You should totally read the book if you haven’t. I promise the story in the book starts flying around page 50. So skim the science and keep reading. For an in depth review of the movie, THE MARTIAN, head over to The Screen Fellows and read David’s review. […]

What is your favorite Miyazaki film?

Hayao Miyazaki may be retired from making films, but my family is beginning to discover his work. We’ve watched Ponyo, a spin on The Little Mermaid, two days in a row. We’ve also watched Castle in the Sky this week. The Secret World of Arrietty is one of my daughter’s favorite films. It’s been years […]

5 Movies to Watch at Home this Weekend

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is have a date night at home. We put our kids to bed at 8:00 p.m. and then it’s mommy and daddy time. We break out some snacks, beverages, and a movie. Here are 5 movies I’m looking forward to this weekend. 1. FURIOUS 7 […]

Summer is Officially Over

Summer is officially over, because American Ninja Warrior (Season 7) and So You Think You Can Dance (Season 12) ended tonight. American Ninja Warrior This was our first year watching American Ninja Warrior. We were hooked from the first episode of the season. The show is completely family friendly. We all enjoy the backstories and cheering […]

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