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Category / Faith

On Changing Churches

My family has changed churches twice in the last two and half years. We didn’t move to another town or change for any obvious reason. Over time small moments added up turning into a feeling like where we were attending wasn’t home any more. We were members of one church for ten years. We were […]

My Worst Crisis of Faith

We were working hard, but Daniel’s business wasn’t making enough money. We had a pile of medical bills, a gorilla sized student loan, and threatening foreclosure letters. A mortgage company employee secretly took photos of our beige bricked home to ensure we hadn’t abandoned the property. We were stretching our money to keep three kids […]

Kindness & Grace For When You Aren’t Well

I just cheated. I whipped up two posts and backdated them to fill in my missed posts from the weekend. I’m supposed to be a daily blogger and writing every day in October for the Write 31 Days link up. In addition to missing the weekend I also didn’t publish two posts last week. I […]

7 Tools and Words of Encouragement for Newly Married Couples

Today I’m wrapping up my series on Building a Great Marriage.   I began the series, because I know a few couples getting married and my church is talking about marriage. Marriage is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. I am so grateful for Daniel and the life we have together. We have a […]

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