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I like choosing my next book based on my mood. Do I want an engrossing YA book? A long epic tale? A classic? An intriguing Science Fiction story? This spring I needed a lighter book to take a break from all my dark Science Fiction novels. Everything I wanted from the library was already checked […]

Blogging and Books Update – May 2016

I blogged everyday for a few months in 2015. I loved creating small posts with interesting photos and sharing my art with the world. Then I simply ran out of words. I started living my life offline and my life became less complicated. For a while my husband and I blogged about paying off debt […]

17 Books I Want to Read in 2016

Happiness is found in a pile of books waiting to be read. My To-Be-Read shelf in 2016 is already stacked to the ceiling. These are not books being published in 2016. They are simply books I want to read. I’m in a Science Fiction & Fantasy phase, so at least half my list falls in […]

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