This is the sixth post in the Building a Great Marriage series.

For where your treasure is, there your heart [your wishes, your desires; that on which your life centers] will be also. – Matthew 6:21, Amplified

All he wanted was Whataburger and she was freaking out over the costs of eating lunch out. Amber and Jack in Financial Peace University (FPU) battled over Whataburger and weren’t on the same page. She was worried about spending and he was simply hungry. Eventually Amber and Jack created a budget together and got on the same page financially. She was happy knowing where the money was going and he was glad to eat lunch guilt free.

If Amber and Jack never came to an agreement, then they would’ve continued to fight about money for the rest of their marriage. Neither of them would’ve been really happy.

Married couples can’t ignore handling money, because they need money to live on planet Earth. Once a married couple figures out how be in agreement with money, then their marriage will be stronger for their family and the Kingdom of God.

Being on the same about finances means both the husband and wife bring all their money together. The Bible says where your treasure is there your heart will be also. When a husband and wife put all their money and effort together into one account, then they are also bringing together their desires and wishes.

Merging desires and wishes is not easy, because usually a husband and wife have different desires. In the example above Amber desired security and Jack wished for a tasty lunch. She was afraid the cost of eating lunch out would drain their bank account. Once they looked at the money together Amber realized eating lunches out wasn’t a problem.


Once a husband and wife bring their finances and effort together, then they need to decide how the money will be spent. One spouse can’t figure out the money alone, because the burden is too heavy. Even if one spouse earns the money and pays the bill, they still need input and concurrence from the other spouse. No matter who earns money or who earns more money, both the husband and wife have equal say in how to deal with money.

It doesn’t matter what financial plan a married couple follows, they both need to have the same understanding about their finances. Being on the same page about money will decrease money fights make a good marriage great.