We watched some of the Apple Event today and the item I am most excited about is the new Apple TV. We use our Apple TV every day. We do have cable and use it often for football games and brand new episodes of Mutt & Stuff on Nick Jr. We are not cord-cutters. We love our Apple TV, because it brings the web to the largest best looking screen in our home.


I’ve already mentioned Daniel and I use Apple TV to watch YouTube channels. I also watch YouTube with the kids during the day for homeschool. Today my kids learned about Romulus and Remus in their history lesson. When we finished school I pulled up YouTube and we watched two animated videos about Romulus and Remus to reinforce the lesson.

Family Videos and Photos

We can watch our family videos through Vimeo. We can also flip through our Flickr photos very easily. We store many photos online in a private account, so we can access them while we travel or from the Apple TV at home. We have a Favorites album in Flickr used by Apple TV to make a screensaver of some our favorite photos.


Our trip to Versailles and Luxembourg Gardens as a TV screensaver.

When friends and family come over they can connect to our wi-fi and show us their vacation photos from their phone via AirPlay. It may be weird, but Daniel and I really love looking at other people’s vacation photos.  We like experiencing the trip with our friends.

TV and Movies

We can buy movies on iTunes and have them accessible when we travel. It’s comforting to travel with the device to access Netflix and iTunes rentals.

We rent movies through iTunes on the Apple TV. They aren’t always cheap at five bucks a movie, but it’s cheaper than getting a sitter and easier than dealing with Redbox.

The kids use the Disney, Disney Junior, NickJr, and PBS Kids apps to access their favorite shows. Shows like Peppa Pig are on NickJr, but not Netflix.

The Trailers app is really fun to watch movie previews with the kids. The VEVO app is great for music videos. My youngest has replayed Shut Up & Dance a bazillion times while dancing his heart out in the living room.

The New Apple TV


The new Apple TV is going to have a lot more apps. I’m really, really hoping for a Spotify app.

The new version will also have Siri. A few months ago I could’ve used Siri when I googled “Daniel Tiger potty training episode.”

Volume control! I’m weird about sound and I’m constantly changing the volume. I’m super excited to have volume on the remote now.

There are a bunch of other things coming out that have to do with sports and games. You can find out more about the changes and new features over at Engadget.

We will definitely be upgrading our AppleTV when the new version comes out. If you’ve been on the fence about AppleTV, then do it! It’s well worth the seventy bucks for the original or two hundred for the new model.

Have you used Apple TV?

**This is not a sponsored post. I just really love our Apple TV.