I love my Kindle with all my heart. I especially like buying Kindle books for less than five bucks. I squirrel away Amazon gift cards so I can buy books when they are marked down. This week I snatched up the first book in the OUTLANDER series for four dollars. I don’t know when I’ll get to reading OUTLANDER, but I like knowing it’s there when I need a new book.

Scouring the Kindle deals on Amazon is time consuming, because the prices of hundreds of books change daily. These are five places I find Kindle deals.

1. eReaderIQ – At eReaderIQ you can enter an author or a specific book you want to watch. Then they will email you when there’s a price drop for anything on your list. One book I want to read is $17, but I can wait for the price to drop so I’m watching this one. I like to add my To Be Read list into eReaderIQ to watch for cheap books I know I already want to read.

2. Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Great Kindle Deals – Anne Bogel updates a curated list of book deals daily. You can also have them emailed to your inbox. I check this page often. Anne’s lists a wide variety of books, but it is limited by her taste in books.

3. BookBub – Bookbub will send you a daily email of book suggestions based on your preferences when you sign up. Most of the books suggested aren’t very good, but once every three weeks I’ll find a great suggestion for two dollars.

4. Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deals – Amazon will email you about their Kindle deals, but it only lists a few books in the newsletter. You have to click through to Amazon’s site to see the rest of the deals in each category. It can be time consuming to browse through every book in a few categories.

5. Twitter – You can follow publishers, authors, and book bloggers on Twitter to keep up with great deals. Almost two years ago Beth Moore tweeted all her books were FREE on Kindle for a short time. I grabbed all her books and read TO LIVE IS CHRIST about the life of Paul. This year I snatched up Bob Goff’s LOVE DOES for two dollars and read it a few weeks later. Twitter is a great place to find deals.

Where do you find your Kindle deals?