A friend offered to let me borrow his copy of The Count of Monte Cristo and I declined. You see there are two kind of people in this world – those who read on a Kindle and those who don’t.


courtesy of Two Kinds of People Tumblr

I absolutely love my Kindle Paperwhite. I carry it around with me like a security blanket. I will read a regular paper book, but only if it’s a short book or a book where I want to write in the margins. Otherwise, I’ll do my best to obtain a Kindle copy of a book.


Here are 25 Reasons Why I Love My Kindle

1. It lights up in the dark with an adjustable light setting.

2. I can keep hundreds of books in the cloud or on my device without cluttering my house.

3. It doesn’t hurt my hand and wrist to hold it.

4. I can turn a page with my pointy nose.

5. Increase text size.


6. Whispersync with the audiobook.

7. It is lightweight and fits in my purse.

8. It doesn’t have a camera.

9. It only holds books. No apps and no games.

10. There is no reflection when reading outside.

11. I only need to charge it every 2-3 weeks.

12. I read faster with a Kindle.

13. I can buy a book instantly without needing to get dressed and load up the children in a car to go get a book.

14. My kids can’t pull out the bookmark.


15. Highlighting a word to get the definition instantly.

16. In some books like A Game of Thrones you can highlight a character’s name and it tells me about the character without spoilers. Helpful for books with a lot of characters.

17. I can highlight sentences and it will keep a copy in the “My Clippings” or Notes section.

18. It tells me how much time is left in a chapter or the entire book.

19. If I forget my Kindle Paperwhite at home I can open the Kindle app on my phone and instantly pick up where I left off last time I read.

20. Kindle books can be reasonably priced to purchase. (See my post: 5 Places to Find Great Kindle Deals)


21. I can get free Kindle books from my local library no matter where I am in the world.

22. The gritty feel of an e-ink book with only a black & white screen makes it feel like a real book.

23. No ads, because I purchased the ad-free (without special offers) version.

24. It can show the page number of the book or the percentage to show my progress.

25. If I reading something embarrassing, then no one will see the cover when I read in public.

I ended up buying the Penguin Classics Robin Buss’ translation of The Count of Monte Cristo on Kindle for $3.75. It’s worth spending a few bucks to be able to read in the dark and save my arm from being sore.

Have you thought about getting a Kindle? What do you love most about your Kindle?