My husband, Daniel, did a 2015 Annual Review on his blog and I’m totally copying him. Here is my 2015 Annual Review:

What went well this year?


Schooling through the summer, because they didn’t have a chance to forget everything I’ve taught them!

Schooling only 4 days a week. I get to create my own schedule, so why not give myself a three day weekend every week?


I switched my 8 year old daughter’s reading curriculum to All About Reading. She is finally reading with confidence.

Joining a Homeschool Group. We joined Hill Country Christian Homeschoolers in the fall. I love all the field trips and the Friday afternoon park meet-up where dozens of kids battle with lightsabers and nerf guns. I didn’t realize how much I needed homeschool mom friends. I feel like I found my people.


The Gym

I loved trying new classes like Barbell Strength and TCX. I worked on my running speed and ran a 7:30 mile. I also reached my goal to run a 5K under 30 minutes. I could do it around 27:00 minutes. I learned about squats, lunges, planks, burpees, more core exercises, free weight exercises, and nutrition.


I wrote 106 blog posts in 2015. Nearly 80 of them were written all in a row when I tried blogging everyday. I also published my first blog series, because I had a lot to say about marriage.


My youngest is fully potty trained! No more overnight pants or traveling potty seat. In a related note, NO MORE DIAPER BAG! I can leave the house with only my purse. This may be a small logistical change, but not carrying around a 200 pound bag is glorious in the life of a mother.

My oldest learned how to swim. Thanks swim lessons at the gym.


I have fallen in love with tabletop games and enjoy playing them with my family. Now I want to move into a large home so I can have a game room with squishy chairs at a grand table and a beverage cabinet. So anyone can come over eat dinner and play a tabletop game comfortably for four hours. Squad goals!


I read 35 books in 2015. I discovered fun graphic novels and conquered many long books including THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. My two favorite books of the year THE NAME OF THE WIND and A DANCE OF DRAGONS are both Fantasy novels.

What did not go well this year?

Weight Loss

I’m not sure how many pounds or inches I lost last year. My scale at home is broken. I don’t like weighing myself in the evening at the gym. I felt great in August, but I didn’t maintain my 3-4 times a week gym schedule and I started gaining again. After the holidays my clothes don’t fit as well anymore.

No Travel

For a long time I was depressed we couldn’t afford to take a long, family trip. I’m sure my friends appreciated my entitled whining about the subject.


You can take a look at the bar graph on Daniel’s blog to show the roller coaster of our income. We didn’t make a lot traction toward our financial goals. Daniel’s post describes the changes we are making in 2016.

Online Live Show

I tried hosting a live show with Victoria Wilson called Blog Toast. It was super fun to try and I’m glad we did it. I learned a lot about Google Hangouts, setting up lighting, and getting more comfortable in front of a camera.


Several months after my youngest son was potty trained we tried to fix his carboholic diet. I’ve tried so many methods and failed. He still doesn’t want to try new foods.

What am I working toward?

Over the holidays I was kind of depressed how 2015 felt like a failure. A year passed by and we weren’t any closer to being a traveling family again. I believe we will take more month long family trips, but it probably won’t happen in 2016.

I thought about the things I love doing – running/working out, writing, and reading. I realized I did improve in each of those three areas and 2015 wasn’t a waste of time. So for 2016 I want to more of what I love.

Doing More Of What I Love


Running. I started a 12 week training program to run a Half Marathon in March. I’ve only completed 2 of my 48 training runs, but I think I have the time and energy to make this happen.


I’ve decided to write more essays about my personal struggles with family and body image. I may not publish these essays, but I think it will be cathartic for me to write and process. Four years ago I wrote one about my son’s hearing loss and I’m glad I have the essay to remember that moment in time. In addition, I also want to publish blog posts about the books I’m reading.



I was once asked in a life coach survey, “What are three things people cannot stop you from doing?” My immediate answer was reading. It doesn’t matter if I am discouraged or full of joy I will always be reading. Of course, my mood dictates what I read. Looking forward to tackling many books on my TBR list.



Homeschooling my kids is my main job and in 2015 I really embraced my role as a home educator.

My youngest starts Kindergarten this Spring. I think he’s ready. I like starting Kindergarten early, because now I have 1.5 years to get it done in case it doesn’t go well. If it goes well and we finish it quickly, then we start 1st grade early.

I plan to school through summer again and my daughter will be ready for fourth grade in the fall. Yay!

I didn’t think about the long term effect of catching up my 6 year old son with his older sister. Technically, he will be starting fourth grade in the fall even though he would only be in second grade at public school. I’m not entirely sure how this will work out.


In 2016 I get to continue homeschooling my kids, taking care of my family, running, writing, and reading. It’s a great life.

What are you working toward in 2016?